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Teaching in the  XXI Century : the Flipped Classroom

In my previous post I wrote about my experience about  flipping and the course which I took thanks to EVO SESSIONS 2016. I was introduced to something new which I feel is important for me and my activities in ELT.

Since I finished the course I carried out my research online and I am going to do a MOOC in September to learn more about this approach. Meanwhile I have browsed the web and I have found interesting videos and a lot of tutorials.

I will try to use more flipping in my new classes next  year. I will also try to learn more about the tools which can help me and facilitate my work. It will be a new way of working but  I want to see how students can get more engaged and I hope they will learn much better than now.

Here you can find some  videos which can support the new approach as education is changing and it will follow new paths.  
What is really important is  the students and their way of learning: the role of the teacher is changing but  teachers will continue their work as a guide into the world of knowledge.   

               Bring on the Learning Revolution 
                      Flipped Classroom

                     The flipped classroom explained
                     to Italian teachers - Prof. Piero Gallo
              Flipped Classroom e didattica inclusiva

          How to find  videos - for Italian teachers                   

                     Reframing the Role of the
             Teacher - A  Webinar by  D. Marsh 

              What a  Flipped Classroom look like

Creating the flipped 'lecture' for at-home use 

                     Video Making- tools 

                         Resources online


Information about  FL


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