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SECOND LIFE MOOC 2016 - Professional Development and Networking in SL

SLMOOC16: Professional Development and Networking in SL
Presenter   Beth S. O’Connell   - Beth Ghostraven in SL

 Video recorded  session of the  event which was held on  23rd  April 2016

Last weekend was spent on checking the opportunities for self-development of educators.  Beth S.O'Connell made her presentation on SL and she was really great at presenting what we can find on SL. The world of educators and librarians is getting bigger and bigger and as a teacher of English I have  access to a lot of virtual communities.
I could not attend the session but  I watched the recording online and I was  surprised at seeing how many communities we can find online.  There are communities for any type of learner and educator. It is up to us to check and see what might meet our needs.

For educators the great advantages are the costs:  Professional Development is  free !! We work online from home  and have  virtual conferences about  topis and issues related to education.
I will try to find out if there are online communities for  ESL and ELT teachers as I feel that internet can open new ways for updating and learning thanks also to virtual worlds. I have seen that  technology is really important and educators   can share, learn and learn from the others.  This is my world for getting connected to others!

My next step will be to check online and see what is going on.

This is the contact for learning more  about  such communities:

Link to the  slides of the  presentation online:

Link to a community online which I have  checked :

Here is the video uploaded online :

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