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SLMOOC16: Free Virtual World Language Learning Community 

30 April 2016   Presentation by Kip Boahn/Kip Yellowjacket

Co-Creator Of VIRTLANTIS / Owner Of Oxford School for English (Austria & Germany) / English Language Teacher

I watched the webinar as a recorded session as I was busy at school this morning but I liked the presentation by Kip Boahn.
He presented  SL as a great opportunity  for learners, and I checked his  community. There are language opportunities in  different languages and he supports the activities by using FB and a website.
A great innovator and good teacher who cares for his " students".

The website to the learning community

Activity locations 

The calendar

The community on FB

Why is SL an interesting platform to consider for language learning/teaching ?
I liked what he wrote  as SL  can be  a new and interesting tool for creating a great virtual and learning   environment.

What was important for me :    SL   is 
- multinational/multiethnic/multilingual platform
- social networking in 3D
- a sandbox for highly immersive experiential learning (most any conceivable educative scenario can be simulated/carried out)
- a multitude of manipulatives

- English is lingua franca (metalanguage of SL)

Check his file online for more features as regard SL:

I could find the old video with his presentation in last year's  SECOND LIFE MOOC 2015 :

My next step will be to check online what communities are offering  language learning. This is new one for me and it will help me think about the best ways for developing language skills in a  virtual world.
Thanks to the presenter of this interesting session!

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