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SECOND LIFE MOOC 2016 - Community Virtual Library


                            Reflecting on the webinar 

SLMOOC16 Valerie Hill Community Virtual Library April 4th 2016   

I watched the recorded session by  Valerie Hill and she was so engaging that I was favourably impressed by the idea of exploiting virtual worlds for education.
She presented her community: she was  a librarian also and showed how the Virtual Library can be used. It is now a must go and see also for me. I went to the community on SL which she presented and I could see the library and the links to the books which I could find online.

Digital libraries are important today so most of teachers and educators should be aware of the new worlds and learning opportunities which are online and some are really worth checking. 
Key ideas underlined by the  presenter: education is now different from what we did when we studied at college or university.  Information literacy, education, collaboration online and new tools are the new world of  education in which we are asked to work with our  students.
My next step will be to check what is on SL and what can help me: reading and literacy are important skills which can be enhanced by  having  access to virtual libraries!

And this is me when I first visited the  library:

I also carried out  a research online and found more. Here you can find the link provided by the presenter about  ARCHIVING  VIRTUAL WORLDS.

Useful links:

The video recording of the session uploaded on the Youtube:

A question for the  presenter?  How many students are today working and learning thanks to  SL?

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