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EVO 2016 TECHNOCLIL A great experience online shared among other teachers


            EVO TECHNOCLIL  2016

I am one of the thousand of teachers who took part in the  EVO SESSION   TECHNOCLIL which is finishing today. The course lasted five weeks and we were active participants online by doing the course on a Moodle platform which is run by Nellie Deutsch.
The experience online was  " superb": thousands of teachers, many were from Italy - they wrote about 90% are Italian.
I am here to say that the teachers and the tutors made a great experience online and we learnt together, we shared a lot of lessons, modules and new tools. It was an engaging experience and worth sharing!
I have written about my ideas about  CLIL and I must confess that I need to rethink about it as  in the school where I taught it was difficult to implement CLIL in lessons and modules. But thousands of teachers are  now involved in learning and it seems that they are producing a lot of outputs which are really worth sharing! Italy is a great reality where CLIL is done in different types of schools.

This course has opened  my eyes and I have found great examples of teachers who work in teams and have  studied and developed the issue of  CLIL.

Here are the links to my learning diary which I kept in the five  weeks of the course. You will find also the links to the websites and materials which  I have created and lots of  links shared by the tutors and the teachers doing the course.
I have discovered new ways of working and I am sharing this with you.

WEEK 1-2




NELLIE DEUTSCH who made this course  possible.

The hashtag  #technoclilforevo16 is online, they have also created a  FACEBOOK page where they shared links and materials.  

If you are interested you should try to check if there is new session next year. For sure I will  suggest it to any teacher of English and teachers of other subjects.

Get engaged and learn more about  CLIL!

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  1. Ciao.
    Ti ringrazio per aver messo a disposizione "tutte queste ricchezze".
    Molto utili tutti i materiali, molto bello il ricordo di Robbie Williams.
    Fortuna Nocerino