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C016 DAY 2 My Reflections

CO16   -  Day 2                 6th  February 2016 

The second day was a really engaging session, it is a pity I was not online. I was at school in the morning and in the afternoon so my reflections are based on what I saw in the recordings and I finished watching this week.
Here is the link to the three-day online conference with the presentation of the different  webinars- you will understand that these three days were so inspiring for a teacher like me who loves learning and sharing experience about new ways of approaching language teaching:

DAY 2    My Reflections on the webinars
Jennifer   England  
Webinar " Mastering   Masterminds"

The presenter and the website where you can find more information about

Mastermind Groups can help you improve instruction and learning while saving you tons of time.

What I have learnt about the group: RADICAL ENGLISH is a 
group of experienced, professional EFL/ESL teachers working based in Canada, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, the UK and the USA. They work online, support teachers, do podcasts and talk at conferences and seminars.There are different  areas of expertise and this is really important as you can teach and coach other  teachers.
This is what I have found on their website: it is a group of  teachers who work together and they share their experiences and work online. There are interesting presentations and you can see that they work hard to be " committed to teaching".  They share and learn together.

I learnt about the tool they use for working:
Once more we can see that we can live in different parts of the world and learn together

I have bookmarked the links which I have been provided online. It will be an interesting way for learning more and maybe decide to work together. The presenter was engaging and also provided a lot of topics for deeper thoughts as regards teaching and learning English. 

Jack Askew-  Webinar " How to build desire for your  Lessons and Courses"

Jack is from the UK but he is currently working in the USA.  He has worked as a private teacher, in courses and one-to-one online.
The webinar has been about the way you can start working online.
He has some  suggestions for working and meeting people: socialmedia are useful for posting videos and meeting people who might be interested in your  lessons.

Tips for teachers want to work online:

-get connected, traffic to websites, to free guide so that people can get to know you
- build  trust
- build desire about how you can help students 

Jack can help you to teach and provide great support if you want to start working online. He has been doing it since 2008.

Link for getting resources and more information online from the presenter:

Judy Wong- Webinar " Teaching English Presentation Skills for the 21st Century...using TED talks."

Judy presented an interesting  session about the best ways our students can learn how to be great presenters by using  TED. I was favourably impressed by the way she described the approach to making presentations. The activities are for intermediate or upper-intermediate levels and advanced  students but  I liked the approach to what she pointed out in the presentation.  Practice is a key word in the way she asks her students to work and again she is a master in teaching how to carry out activities.
It is an interesting way for learning and  I must admit that TED is one of my favourite source of information and for activities! 

Karin  Heuert  Galvao  - Webinar " How collaborative is  collaborative"


Students work on their own and enjoy what they are learning! This is a great objective for a learner.

It is a good idea to follow KARIN:

I am going to do this on Twitter!

Thanks a lot  to the presenter.

To the next post ........................DAY 3.................................

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