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CO16 DAY 3 My Reflections

CO16   -  Day 3                 7th  February 2016 

This is the final part of the reflections based on some webinars which I watched on the Youtube for CO16 .

The session of the last day was full of interesting speakers. I particularly liked some as I was involved in the EVO sessions this year I  am going to write about  TECHNOCLIL in EVO 2016  session which was  presented on Sunday.

Letizia  Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo- Webinar
"Techno-Clil" .... WHEN CLIL MEETS ITC


I was online and I could follow  Letizia and Daniela who were the tutors in the EVO SESSION about  Techno-Clil which I did for 5 weeks. 
They made a great presentation of the way they approached the course which was successful and attracted thousands of teachers , many are from Italy.
The activities they posted have been presented with lots of materials and webinars and they provided a general outlook of what we mean by  CLIL.
I have posted about my experience and I cannot but say  THANK YOU FOR WORKING ON LINE WITH US AND  FOR US!

I will check the other webinars next week,  meanwhile I want to thank the Mentor NELLIE DEUTSCH  who made the project possible.  I have learnt a lot .

I am looking forward to doing the next year  ONLINE CONFERENCE!

Tiziana Angiolini

The link to my presentation on Google slides about  CO16:

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