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                 DIGITAL STORYTELLING  

After 5 weeks I finished my  MOOC course  about  DIGITAL STORYTELLING( DS) with COURSERA see   COURSERA MOOC COURSE
To begin with  it was an interesting experience and I could learn a lot about DS, the new tools which we can use  to create videos, how to write a script and how to  choose pictures and music. We learned from video tutorials and we  tried to work by following the tips of the professors who were a good guide for us by focussing on how to plan a story, create a story board and how to edit a video.

I was not so successful,but I could enter a new world: DS can be a challenge, but  it can help us develop new activities and  provide  help in  writing stories with our students.

These are some great videos which were shared by the  students in our course, they used different video editors but they were successful and I was pleased to see such good  videos: these are just some which I was able to see

Lilac Love from ellen feeley on Vimeo.

I would like to underline that we worked on peer assessment and self-assessment and the choice of the topic and the tools made the difference.  I did not  make a great video and I am going to learn more about  WEVIDEO  because I could not  finish my work.  One problem was the length of the video  and I did not finish editing the video. I used another tool but again it was a problem. I will therefore  try to see why I could not save the final video. I used screencast o'matic but the final output of my video was really low quality.  I got  28/36 marks but they told me that I should improve the quality of the photos and  of  course  use the video makers which they had suggested.

Anna  Laghigna made a great  video: an interesting video which shows how well she can work with modern web 2.0 tools

Finally some  links for further learning and  studying and  develop  great  videos  when teaching:                                                                      
In my website you can find more information about  my experience online    and my research about  DS                                                                                                                                                          

In addition I am sharing this interesting  LIVEBINDER :
Click here to open this binder in a new window.

I am going to work to learn how to make  better videos and I hope that I will finally become good at making  them.

Enjoy working online and editing videos!

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