mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

Moodle: MOOC Course summer 2015- Looking forward to the next session in January 2016

Moodle  is  an open source LMS (Learning Management System) DEFINITION OF MOODLE .

When I was doing the course about online learning in  a Mooc course run by COURSERA in  the  summer  I had come across it .
 However, it was new to me in some way because  I had used the platform ONLY as a learner  for some online courses in Italy.  I had appreciated how it could work well for students who study on their own and teachers who work online.
Last summer I did the  Mooc course online - an introduction to Moodle - and it was engaging and worth doing. I created my first online course and I am going to do it again next January to learn more about the platform. At present I cannot work online with my students but I could try to use it. My online course has been saved and I might upload it later as there is a platform named " Moodle cloud"
This is my learning experience. I will continue  learning next year to be able to create a nice course in the cloud. More information about the next  course  for beginners can be found online:

These  are the  important  videos which presented the new platform   MOODEL 2.9 . I have  also uploaded my video to end my final reflections about the engaging  experience I have made. 
It was great to meet so many learners and to see so many dedicated teachers sharing their courses online. 

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