sabato 31 ottobre 2015

Free Tools in education

Free Tools for  educators

Last Saturday was a great one. Thanks to SimpleK12 I had the chance to see some webminars dealing with Free Tools on line, it was a  day for educators and all the webminars were free.  I must confess that the experience online made me think about the best ways for working in a digitalized classroom and this was great.
SimpleK12 offers  free webminars online and also webminars for  people who belong to SimpleK12, in some cases you have to pay to have access to some materials online(registered users).

If you want to learn more about what is offered  just follow this link

This is my collection with  some information about  some great  tools which I think we should all be able to use : I have already used some of them but  for many I must admit I have been thinking about but I have been working in a learning   environment where most of the students do not have a  good internet access point . My great hope is to be able to work online from home and also in collaborative projects from home and at school.  The padlet will be updated anytime I find interesting tools which seem to be interesting.

What skills for the future ?

Almost in the same week I saw a webminar online and it was  about the future and what our  students should learn  and what skills they need : the references were based on a report which was presented on line:  DRIVING THE SKILLS AGENDA from the Economist . Our students need to learn how to work in a different way and collaborate, use webtools and have  21st century skills.

This is the reason why I feel that we should all change our way of working and our lessons.

To be continued...........................................

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