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#edcmooc People are discussing about  MOOCs and on line  education  and  so I am getting into  the topic with this course on line. 

3rd November  2014

Getting started!

There's something new in the air, it is a new online course , or  MOOC  about  E-learning and Digital Culture.  The course is run by the University of Edinburgh and COURSERA  and  I am a bit curious to know more about  e-learning because  I am a teacher of  Languages ( English and German) and  I love learning more about   MOOCs.  I have  already finished some courses on line, this one seems to be new and engaging. I would like to know more  about the new  technologies and  I must confess that  since I started  teaching I have always had  a certain  love for learning.  I have done some nice courses with COURSERA, EDX.ORG and FUTURE LEARN in the last  12 months , but  this course  seems to be a new path into the future of  education.
I am Italian and my school is a secondary school, I would like to use the new tools offered by technology but  we are still waiting  for new computers, a fast connection for internet so I am bit disappointed but I am doing  some webminars on line and I have learnt that we can improve the level of  interests  in our students if we can manage resources and also what students can use from home.  I  work from home to prepare most of the materials that I use with them, I have  tried to learn on my own because  in my country  on-line  learning  is not so popular and also  universities are not investing much on line education.  Yet, I feel education on line  is  now  very important. I have just finished an on-line course for teachers by ZANICHELLI in Italy................ and I am eager to learn
The next few  weeks  will be  demanding because I am working with my students and doing a lot of courses on line too- mainly at night - but  I am going to do the course and to learn more  .
I have  just  finished the  survey and  I have posted my first post in the forum.   How many   students are on line ?  7,000  or more?   This  must be  an interesting  MOOC!! 

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