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#edcmooc      Teaching and  Learning in a new world (1)

The future has  begun : more and more  schools, universities have  courses on line, more  teachers and professors are uploading their materials on line, more and more  have a web-site and a blog.  The world is connected and we  try to be in touch with our  students and teachers all over the world.We can  decide  how, when and what  to study on line.   Most of the courses which are offered on line are in English, but if we  check directories we will see that other  languages  are used, it depends on the type of institutions.
So far  I have  been studying  by following  COURSERA, EDX.ORG and FUTURELEARN.  All these  platforms  are run in a different way  but they provide  courses for different  learners and different topics and subjects. They are  mainly  free, but  if you want to show  what you have  done or  achieved it is better to follow a  verified path and you must  pay, you will get  a certificate if you  pass parts of the course. So  the world of education on line is  changing and offering  different  types of  courses.


The new  tool is  you tube but  also  internet in general , here are  my favourite web-sites


They are open on line  massive courses, they are offered to people without checking their  previous  knowledge, thus  in some cases people  give up and do not  finish the course. They are planned by professors and offer  a wide range of  courses on line  from  science to literature,  history, writing  fiction and  teachers' development  courses.  They are loved because learners choose what they are interested in. One problem is  the pre-requisites : do all people  know English or another  language to be able to follow on line and to do the activities?
The level of engagement  varies: I did courses  I enjoyed a lot but in others  I had to read so much that I took more time to finish the activities.  Now I am a  lover of MOOCs  because I am doing a lot of new  things on line while I am sitting in my bedroom while  surfing the net. I do study in my free time and can  be in touch with other people who share  similar interests.

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