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MMVC18 Dr Ebba

Day one
3rd August 2018
Ebba Onnilson     Increasing Access, Social Inclusion and Quality through Mobile Learning

You can access the presentation online as the educator always shares her slides in online conferences: 

My  reflections

I was online on the first day of the Conference and I could  watch Dr Ebba presenting the webinar about
mobile learning: the title was really "catching "Increasing Access, Social Inclusion and
Quality through Mobile Learning.
Ebba is a great  scholar and a person who  is studying the way education is changing and  since most
of the young and also people living in poorer countries have access to the internet thanks to their
mobile devices , she  underlined the importance of mobile learning to increase access, inclusion and
also a positive approach in most schools.
The questions that came through my mind  were related to what is happening in France now and
also in my country as  it seems that many educators are afraid of using this device, the mobile phone
in class.
I think that we should  be aware of what might not work but at the same time  I agree with the
presenter that the issue of safety online is  a serious matter in education.
The report presented by UNESCO in 2013  underlined the importance of mobile learning to connect
and  improve communication and as a result we should learn that by using this device which is now
 part of our daily life we can also provide better feedback and facilitate learning.
I really liked watching the event and I thought that more educators should think of the mobile phone as
a tool which can enhance  learning not only in school but also outside school as it can reach learners
working in different parts of the world and thanks to some apps we can really get learners more engaged and also provide  help and support learners who are facing some difficulties.
My idea is now to work  in class by introducing some  apps which I know can be used easily by my students and without having to ask them to  pay for them. Whatsapp is for example used widely by my students and we might use it for  doing more activities and maybe to collaborate in English with other students.
The future for mobile learning is  starting: I agree with Dr Ebba when she says that also the university
system in many countries needs to  uptake mobile learning.
It is something that will happen and which will “ change “ the way we work and study.

We cannot but  help our learners take  advantage of mobile learning.   

My questions for the speaker : what apps do you think we should use in class with young students ? I need to know this because I usually do not want them to watch videos I have not seen before but I would like to work with them in class and maybe get them more involved while doing English !

Here is my first reflection which you can find on Youtube

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