martedì 10 luglio 2018

PLN and Educators

I am a connected educator and thanks to many teachers who are  engaged online I have been developing as a life-long learner.

Sarah Thomas, Shelly Terrell and many other educators have helped me learn and share ideas about education, the use of  webtools in education and the problems we face in our  daily activities.

Last year  Sarah made a great  presentation about  PLN: watch it and you will be inspired. I would have never learnt much without her encouragement and learning from her while following her on Twitter and when she made her presentations  in SimpleK12 webinars!!

Online you will find a lot of interesting links and  lists with the names of communities and educators that are engaged in learning together.

Here are Shelly Terrell's blogs and posts  with a list of  resources :

The slideshare she has posted is an example of what  PLN means:

What's a PLN? Why Would I Want One? from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

If interested you should try also checking this website which has plenty of resources with links for educators:

I hope you will find someone who can share the same interests as you and will become " connected" with your PLN.

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