domenica 24 giugno 2018

Summer has is time to think about myself and making plans for September

I am a lazy person and  when summer arrives it means that  I can relax for some weeks and be less  stressed .Every year I end the last days of the school year with some regrets.   I wish I could have worked better and provided better learning opportunities for the less able students and the ones who want to learn more.  Sometimes we cannot do much but  I think we should work better for the ones who are struggling  learners  and be able to provide different types of  activities for the different  learners we have.

Now it is time to reflect, tidy up and read.  I read a lot online: blogs, articles and also posts from many educators I can follow online. I recently bought an ebook by Shelly Terrell Sanchez and I will read it online. She is a great teacher and a technology expert.  I regularly follow her in most of the presentations online she makes and her blog posts are really inspiring.

During the first weeks of July  I am going to finish some Moocs which I had  started and did not have the time to finish. It is part of my CPD  and I cannot but learn online since in the last years we have had some problems in my family and I had to decide to spend the summer at home.

In spite of this I am now planning  new activities for next year:  I am working with another  teacher and we  are responsible for  Cambridge  IGCSE  exams. We started in September  2017 and  this  autumn I will be online to learn more about the best strategies to help our learners.  It is something  new which I like doing. This summer  I am going to plan part of the activities and check the materials we might use in the first term.

I will read some literature - I am going to do more about  short stories and the modern literature  for my next year's students. Hopefully, there are plenty of  resources which are free online and which can be used.

I will explore  Europeana , the European platform which  I worked on in one Mooc -  I will also share what I have learnt online as  I found a lot of interesting activities and tools which we  can use in order to work on projects and lessons dealing with the European heritage.

Some conferences online will take place this summer and I will try to follow  them, althought  I am living in Europe and many are in the USA or  speakers will present their topics online while I am sleeping in Italy.

Summer can be a source of   interesting ideas and help me  recharge the batteries.

Summer is the season of the year in which I am ready to work on myself to get engaged and find tips and suggestions which I will share with my friends online and in my school.

Enjoy the summer!

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