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The issue of Copyright

                   COPYRIGHT ,FAIR USE   and    PUBLIC DOMAIN

 In February I worked on line about this important issue : COPYRIGHTS and FAIR USE as I did the  EVO SESSION  2016 that dealt about it.

I have already  described about the  interesting sessions which   were presented, I also  took part in some of them and  I felt that the  topic about   COPYRIGHT  is a bit  complicated for us. Educators have a great responsability as  most of our life as educators and the life of our  learners  are online-
see my post  in the other blog where I  described the tasks we did - it is vitual to learn how to work when we work online:

 More and more we work by using Youtube, search the web and we use materials ,pictures and videos but  we  do  not know how to give  attribution and if we can use them.
Often our students carry out  researches on line and they do not work correctly as they do not respect the rights of  creators, writers and  people who took the pictures.
I continued my research online and could find interesting materials about the way we can search pictures, videos and also how to give  attribution if the  materials have  have been shared. When materials, music and  documents  are  under copyright we cannot use them in our work as they belong to owners.

We have Creative Commons  which can help us  share  materials by  providing attribution to the creators and to  the titles and weblinks but we do need to respect their rights.

We can also use our own pictures and decide to look for images or documents which are in the Public  Domain, But we must know what these words refer to.

Here you  can find interesting  documents which have been shared online to explain the complexity  of what happens when we want to use materials which have been  created by others and what is copyright:


OER and Education 

Here is the link to an   interesting presentation which was presented in  a webinar on  August 6 2016                                                                                                                                                 
by  Lyn Hilton   and which  was about   Copyrights and  Creative Commons     - SimpleK12   special session                                                                                                                                      

More links about  the issue about  Copyrights can be  found in the  LIVEBINDERS of  April  2016  in the Saturday webinars run by CLASSROOM 2.0 Live   where you can  find an interesting   session  with the  presentation which was made  on line by  Royce  Kimmons   - title of the presentation :  Copyrights, Fair Use, Open Licensing                                                                                                                         

Classroom 2.0 LIVE April 2016           ( link shared by Royce Kimmons)

For educators: how to teach  FAIR USE  and  COPYRIGHT  - a video

How to cite pictures in a blog, in an article and online:

Here is an interesting article about copyright and what learners and teachers should know :

Useful guide online for educators by  Kathy  Schrock and  Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

And finally  I am presenting the collection which I have  made so far as regards the topic : I am bookmarking more information as I feel that with most of the works we do now we really need to teach them how to use documents, pictures and photos. Attribution is important when we talk about CC. Hopefully we can find a lot of material which is not copyright.

OER, by italianteacher

 More information about  pictures and free photos can be found here - free pictures are the ideal ones for students' work so we do need to know where to find them : sometimes it is easy to use pictures which are shared and do not need attribution!!

IMAGES AND VIDEOS, by italianteacher

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