mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Rewordify for better learning and understanding texts

Rewordify is a useful free tool which can be used  by learners when reading.

Here is the link to the tool:

It is a modern tool which can be used by  teachers teaching  English and  to help their learners.
It can help to understand and summarize texts but it is also useful for learning new  words or for developing the  reading strategies of learners who are  learning on their own.

Here are some inteesting  videos showing us what you can do with this free tool:


I want to thank  Shelly  Sanchez Terrell who introduced this tool in one of her fabulous webinars online and the tutors  working in a  course by Zanichelli in Italy who have reminded me that  this tool can enhance the  students' reading   strategies.  I will write about this course in one of my next posts. 

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