giovedì 30 novembre 2017

ELT: learning and teaching with Technology

Shelly Terrell has been helping educators and ELT Teachers from all over the world for many years now.
I am a regular follower of her webinars which you can follow online- free webinars -she regularly presents on Friday.
At the beginning of this year, it must have been  February, she discussed the issue of  Technology and ELT and we were guided into the world she is familiar with and which she is sharing with us.
She shared interesting  links which I have bookmarked too. I have learnt so much and I must say that now I trying to learn about new apps which can help me teach in a better way.

Here are some websites: 

She shared this interesting slide about the best ways to work with  technology.  It was a great source of information.

Survival Tips for Teaching English with Technology from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

In her website you can find this interesting presentation about  learning and teaching : it is shared online and I would like to share it with other educators.
They present interesting  ideas and tips for  getting learners more engaged. I will present some posts about  some apps which she shared in the webinars and which can be used by many language  teachers in my next posts.

On the whole we can say that technology can help us change the approach by supporting the learners to become active learners and by helping them produce language input in different ways.

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