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Second Life Mooc 2017 Week 1

Week 1 (1-8  June 2017)

The Mooc  started in June and it was about Second Life and Virtual Words.
I could not follow  the main events which were presented online  and it was a pity,but school was about to end and  I spent a lot of hours at school. I started watching  the recording thanks to the educators who ran the Mooc and posted the videos. This was later in the second part of the Mooc. Apart from interacting with the educators who posted their comments on the Moodle Platform I did not interact with the educators.
We were a few educators who shared ideas about  virtual worlds. We learnt about Virtual Worlds and communities online and the resources which they shared and which we can share.
For each week we had to post our  ideas and comments on the events which I saw as recorded sesssions.

I had already seen some videos shared by teachers who  worked on  Second Life.  I think that  SL is an interesting experience for learning but   as a teacher of  secondary students who are  very young I could not work on SL.
English educators have tried to use Virtual Worlds to enhance  language  learning. You can see this video as an example of what educators can do.

Here are the main  videos which  the tutors shared about  Second Life and what you can do online with  virtual realities.

                                         2nd June   2017

                                                                   3rd June  2017

6th June  2017 

7th  June  2017


A Brief History of Distance, Online, and Virtual Worlds Education from Parapsychology


Virtual Realities can offer interesting learning opportunities  as they are related to the new way of working which we can rely on now.

It is interesting to know that online there are many communities and that they can work online and together thanks to the Internet but  I think we need to work  on safer planets and places  with our  students.
I would also add that most of the communities   I have seen are mainly  English  speaking  worlds and as a teacher of English I know that Italian Language Teachers are the ones who risk starting new experiences together with  IT Teachers.  I would have to face a lot of difficulties with teachers of the other school subjects who often continue working in the old way.
I will watch the video and follow some tips I have been given in order to understand the potentialities of  Virtual Realities in education.

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