venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

Vizia and the Flipped Classroom

Vizia  is a very userfriendly tool which you can use for creating video quizzes.

 It is important to use videos in class but with Vizia you can create interesting video-based comprehensions,  give homework to your students and in ELT  it is the perfect tool for comprehension. It is the perfect tool also for assessment in different subjects. You can have quizzes and open questions. Once you have chosen your video you can  edit it and then  share the link with the task or embed it.
It is a free tool and you can use it for  flipped classrooms too.You just need an account and then you can start.
Here is the tutorial which I found online:

This is the tutorial in Italian  for Italian learners and teachers:

Last year I had already mentioned the tool  in a post  which I had written :

Here is a video which I have used for presenting the issue of  Migration to Australia: the video is from the Youtube and it can be embedded: I also used the link for my padlet presentation where the topic was Australia.

You can create  open questions  and then check them - the tool can be also useful for testing , you just need to rely on a good internet connection and an ICT lab or tablets.

The second  video  is about a famous interview - the idea is to  work on the news  while students watch  real videos with interviews with famous people . Internet can really  change our way of working.


Vizia can also be useful  for creating  CLIL lessons and any other document based on video when we want to make  lessons based on different school subjects  and in projects.

 We hope it will remain free.

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