domenica 8 gennaio 2017

Classroom 20 Live: free webinars for Teachers

Yesterday it was an important anniversary for my  favourite Social Network   CLASSROOM 20 :   they celebrated its 8th Anniversary.

The presenters had some interesting speakers who reminded us that since they first  began their online adventure  in 2009  many changes in education and the use of technology have occurred.

I have become a regular participant in the weekly webinars which they present  live and which are later posted online. The website will present all the main links and websites which were presented or shared.
I have learnt how to use most of the  Tools which are used to share documents and make presentations: Prezi, Google Slides and Docs, Tackk, Padlet and how to use some important   Social Networks like  Pinterest and Twitter.

If you are interested in CPD and you would like to learn more about how technology is changing our learning  environment you should watch the videos or partecipate live.  The meetings are on Saturday- in Italy it is 6.00 p.m. while the presenters are in the USA and  show  their activities and share  good tips - time in the  USA can be 9.00 a.m. Usually we spend  one hour online and we can learn about the best experiences. If you are interested you can also ask for a certificate of attendance which will be sent to you after you have filled in a  Google Form.

I have collected some information which  was shared by  Peggy George - one of the founders of the social network and an active coordinator-   You can find  more in my ackk:

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