venerdì 10 giugno 2016

PBL My reflections while doing an interesting MOOC

The  journey
       has   just  started
                  I am going to learn more about  PBL

In my previous post dated  June 6th I wrote about a new interesting MOOC which I was going to do online. Europe is taking care of the many teachers  who are willing to learn how to enhance their teaching and we have been offered this course. It is a great MOOC and more than 2,500 people  are enrolled.  Thanks to  TEACHER ACADEMY  we are now learning more.

My journey has just started and I must say that course is providing me with lot ideas and it is a stimulating experience as we are working together, we are sharing ideas about how we are working and how we would like to work.  
The activities we need to do  are scheduled in four weeks and  we need to reflect, learn about new ways of working or getting to know more about  PBL.
The tutors use  social networks and we are required to write a learning diary about this experience. 
I have already started writing and working on the resources as I have not been trained but  thanks to  the  internet and social networks I have already learnt about it. I must confess that I am curious to see how I can develop such a useful project .

In my website I have started writing and collecting some useful weblinks :

I have written my learning diary too but  I need to think more about the project so  I will have to work on it and think more. I will share my ideas with other teachers and then I will continue my project in the next three weeks.

Meanwhile I have to think about  which class, what topic, which tools I might choose for my
PBL activity to be shared with other teachers.

I am also worried about the tools as in my present school we do not have good technology and my students do not know how to work with some tools.

A useful source of information for  TOOLS  is here:

I will write more in my padlet and share it with  other teachers online.
I am looking forward to next week.

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