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EVO 2016

                                                              EVO   2016 
Evo means Electronic Village Online, you can access more information about the courses on line by following this link:

I decided to choose two courses and I am so pleased to have enrolled as the communities online can develop great ideas and  offer great support. Caring is sharing and I hope to learn from the others and to provide also help to the others.  As an English language  teacher  EVO is probably a must because it is a free event online which lasts 5 weeks!

To have an idea of the  courses which are  offered just follow the presentations on line and the websites provided.For courses the first step is to register and then there are close groups on Google communities  which collect the participants' links, debates and more, they are closed groups so we do need to register :

EVO is run by  TESOL- -  and it offers collaborative online discussions thanks to virtual professional workshops that are organized in the different  courses.
Each course lasts for five weeks and is run by experts who volunteer in each session.
Courses are in English and they cover different topics from copyrights, to MOODLE, to writing e-books and CLIL.

When: 10th January - 14th February 2015 

Here you can find a presentation by Janet Bianchini who presented her experience online thanks to the different  courses where she had been involved   and which she presented us last year. I must confess that I started to follow her on Twitter and that I can admire her as she is such a great tutor online and provides supports and lots of ideas. 
Link online : 

 These are two courses which I chose to do this  year :


The tutors are Italian and  most of the teachers are Italian  as the Italian Departe of Education has introduced CLIL in the school curriculum

I would like to learn about  CLIL as I could be interested in becoming  a facilitator in schools . It involves  non language teachers but  teachers need the help of English language  teachers.


I could not resist because the  Tutor is  Shelly Terrell. She is one of the best teachers we have and so engaging when she works online!

We were provided with a  great syllabus online and I love this tutor because she is engaging and loves her job!

The journey has just begun....................... I will write about this experience online and will provide links with the interesting things I have learnt.

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